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Jonathan Hilton
Jonathan first met Willi Sucher in 1976 when a Steiner study group he belonged to in New York City joined another Los Angeles study group in Meadow Vista at Willi's home for a weekend workshop. From that first meeting he began to take up Willi's work, coming to live and study with Willi in Meadow Vista in 1977. Until Willi's death in 1985, Jonathan had ongoing correspondence study with Willi and participated in other workshops with him in California and in New York City. Jonathan has taught courses and given lectures on astrosophy at various locations, including the New York Branch of the Anthroposophical Society, where he served as Branch President; at the New York Open Center; and at Sunbridge College in Spring Valley, where he worked and taught. Jonathan recently retired from a career in non-profit management, most recently as Executive Director of a trauma therapy organization in New York City.

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Darlys Turner
Darlys met Willi Sucher in 1981, after moving to Meadow Vista, CA in 1977. She initially was invited to his home by Fred Moyer, to assist with various administrative functions and manage book orders. At that time astrosophy associates Veronica Moyer and Hazel Straker were living with Willi and his wife Helen. Darlys was invited to join their weekly study and this continued for Darlys every Wednesday morning, until Willi's death in 1985. Darlys also provided a home to insure Willi's work would be cared for and continued after his death. This place became the Astrosophy Research Center which was founded with Willi's approval on February 27, 1985. Darlys continues to manage all aspects of the Center, including responding to inquiries and ongoing publication and care of Willi's works.

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Shirley Latessa
Shirley has been a supporter of Willi Sucher's astrosophy for over 45 years. She first met Willi in Los Angeles at the end of the 1960's. A friend took her to a meeting where Willi was giving a lecture on astrosophy. She was just coming into anthroposophy and struggling with it, but was impressed by this man talking about a new star wisdom based on anthroposophy. She recalls how “he kept coming up to me during the breaks to ask if it really was so difficult.” She participated in various lectures and workshops given by Willi and was instrumental in bringing him to New York City to lecture on a few occasions. A friendship grew up between them over the years that lasted until his death in 1985.

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Kathleen Thompson
Kathleen first encountered astrosophy at the Waldorf teacher training at Rudolf Steiner College (RSC) in 1995 when she, by chance, shared a room with Hazel Straker, an early colleague of Willi Sucher. Though she studied astrosophy through other pathways, she felt a true connection to astrosophy for the first time in March, 2015, when she decided to investigate the genealogy of astrosophy from Rudolf Steiner to Elizabeth Vreede to Willi Sucher. She then discovered the Astrosophy Research Center and ordered all of Willi Sucher's books. Her path had begun and on reading Steiner's “Cosmogony, Freedom, and Altruism,” which was what inspired Willi Sucher originally, she was hooked. Social healing and change has been a core theme in her life. She is currently participating in the 3-year Anthroposophic Psychology program in California. Astrosophy is an essential component for her coaching relationships and especially her work with First Nation peoples in Canada.

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Diego Milillo
Diego, a resident of Argentina, assists with engaging the Spanish speaking community with astrosophy by translating articles, facebook posts and lectures by Willi Sucher. He is also involved with administration of the Facebook page and outreach strategies for the Astrosophy Research Center.

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